Hooray! Bourbonatic is in the Bardstown Whiskey Society

Of all the things in whiskey geek-dom, Heaven Hill Distilleries offers this (not-so) exclusive membership to those whiskey fans seeking some pseudo-recognition, via acceptance into the Bardstown Whiskey Society (BWS). I'm not so sure how much of a "society" it really is, except getting some decent discounts on their partner tours and a $5 mail-in rebate for a purchase of a Heaven Hill whiskey. Interested? Take all of five minutes to fill out some field forms on the BWS website

You can also find membership benefits here: http://www.bardstownwhiskeysociety.com/member-benefits/

In any case, I got a membership card. Awesome! Anytime someone asks, "what makes you an authority on whiskey?" I'll just whip out that membership card, slam it down on the table, say nothing, and let that card do all the talking. Or, perhaps I'll just get a cheap frame for my certificate and set it beside my ever-growing collection of American whiskey? I haven't decided how I want to leverage this position of power.

With that said; Thank you, Heaven Hill Distilleries, for accepting me, the Bourbonatic, into your club of sorts. I'll be gracing your grounds again soon. Very soon.